Originating from West Sumatra (Indonesia country) are categorized as one of the 50 best food in the world. Rendang like CNNgo released last week, ranked the 11th most delicious meals based on the survey.

  1. 1 kg lean beef, cut into 25-28 parts, washing drain cleaner
  2. Old coconut grated 3 eggs, make a thick coconut milk (2-3 times a squeeze of DNG lukewarm water, a little-bit) 
Seasonings, puree:
  1. 20 grains of red onion 
  2. 10 cloves garlic 
  3. For the thumb (6 cm) of ginger 
  4. 1ons ground red chili 
  5. 1 teaspoon pepper 
other seasonings
  1. thumb of galangal, geprak 
  2. 3 stalks lemongrass, 
  3. white part geprak 
  4. 3 pieces of flower deaf 
  5. 5 lime leaves 
  6. 3 bay leaves 
  7. Turmeric 2 bay leaves, torn
Seasoning a complement:
  1. 1 tablespoon minced serundeng coconut (grated coconut fried until brown, minced out the oil until smooth) 
  2. 1 tablespoon of boiled beef liver, minced finely 
  3. 1 tablespoon tamarind water salt to taste Sugar to taste 
How to Make:
  1. Ungkep (closed pan) meat with the spices, let the broth out. ungkep (cover the pan) until the water dried.
  2. enter the coconut milk, add all the spices except the complementary spices, stir well.
  3. stir in coconut milk with a spoon to draw movement boiling coconut milk, coconut milk should not be broken. Movement draw will prevent broken coconut milk.
  4. Reduce heat, cook until the issue of oil, add seasonings complement.
  5. Cook continued as occasionally stirred to prevent sticking, until brown rendang. 
  1. Why choose beef? because beef is one part of the outer thigh and back of the cow's most basic. Meat is dense and does not contain lots of fat.
  2. Add 2-3 more durable acid to Rendang
  3. Sometimes there is a recipe that uses turmeric as an adjunct to fine spices. Aim is to remove the fishy taste of the meat. 


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